Thursday, January 8, 2009

The BJ Boender Family Christmas
Rachel got a Barbie and her very own scrapbook with stickers, embellishments, and paper. Yeah!
John and Gideon got new combines!

Don't these go great with his Jammies? It was all we could do to get them off before bed. They were also the first thing he put on before we left in the morning. I told him he would probably get a little cold in just boots:)
Christmas at the LeavertonsCall me crazy but this is one of my favorite Christmas traditions since I've been in Iowa. We all got to church on Christmas Eve and then quickly go home and go to bed. In the morning on Christmas Day we all get up at 6:00 and head for Grandma and Grandpa Leaverton's house. Sometimes we get them out of bed:) After we all get settled Grandpa reads the Christmas story then we sort out the gifts. We go in order from youngest to oldest. After the gifts are open we eat cinnamon rolls and watch a movie. Mom always makes a good dinner so around noon we eat dinner. After dinner we all take a much needed nap. Thank you mom and dad for another wonderful Christmas!

Aunt Kay got Gideon a remote control Tarantula. Wow, he has had a great time scaring everyone!
BJ's Deer BJ got a doe this hunting season and he got a really good recipe from my sister Kelita's fiance Ben. So he made the recipe all by himself with the backstraps of the deer. He only had to call his mom once with a question. I was proud of him and enjoyed having him cook. It was really really good and I am really bummed that I didn't get an after picture:( It was so good we hardly had any leftovers to take a picture of when I finally thought about it. Oh well, maybe next time.
Ferguson Christmas

The Steve and Jan Boender family.
The Gene Ferguson Family

The Grandkids

the boy table
The girl table

Honey Creek

Mom and Dad Boender invited us for a night of fun and family on the 26th. (Yep I'm a little behind.) Anyway, we had such a great time! The pool was really nice and there was lots for the kids to do. BJ and I enjoyed being able to just sit and watch our kiddos swim instead of having to follow them around all the time. They are all really growing up.