Thursday, May 2, 2013

Random Pictures of Our Busy Times

 I have sat down to blog at least 4 times in the last day and a half. Finally I am getting to it!
Adalli helped me make cookies for Gideon to take to school for his 11th birthday! Crazy I know.
 Every time I stepped away she would take a big spoonful of the chocolate.
 After Gideon's cookies she still wanted to "cook" so I gave her some dry oatmeal and she stayed busy for another half hour or so.

 BJ and his family have been keeping very busy even tho we have had a pretty wet spring. In the 10 years that we have been married this is the first year that he has not been very busy planting corn in the field on Gideon's birthday! Don't worry he was still busy, just not planting!

 The kiddos love to help out with the cow chores!

 More tile work. It was so muddy in some spots that the dozer had to hook up and pull the tile machine.
 This was Gideon's first year in the District 5 track meet. He did very well despite the snow, rain and freezing temperatures.

 Taking care of bottle calves is a full time job! Rachel, John and Gideon have been doing an amazing job at keeping them fed and happy. The little bald face calf (Pretty) likes to suck on the black one's(Chocolate) ear if she doesn't have a bottle close by.

Planting officially started on Monday morning around 12:30 a.m.. BJ, his dad, brothers and some good hired hands were able to get a lot of planting done on the 3 dry days of the week. No sleep tho!! Now that is has rained, hopefully they can catch up on sleep before the next couple dry days come!