Monday, January 21, 2013

January Fun

 Natalie loves buckets that she can sit in. She daily unloads this one to use.
 This is her "cheese" face that she gives me every time I pull out my camera.
 Adalli looking so sweet!
 On most weeknights you can find Gideon at the counter working on some kind of homework.
 The girls trying to be quiet and sweet so big brother can do his homework.
 Aunt Becky does a great job at taking pictures! She took some of Adalli for her 3 yr. old pics. Addi did really good even tho the movie was pretty distracting some times. Thank you for your time Becky!
 Natalie is always insisting she feed herself her yogurt so on this particular day I let her. 
Wow, I think I will continue to feed her from now on.
 Who needs a spoon when you have fingers? What a mess!

 I do have hope! Adalli can do it all by herself without getting it all over to bad.
 This was another mess Natalie made this same day. Raisins all over the kitchen floor. Oh my she is so busy!
Adalli cuddling with my American Girl doll from when I was little. I let Rachel play with her a long time ago and she ended up disconnecting her leg. I put her away not quite knowing what to do and how to fix it. Then one day Rachel had a friend come over and she said that American Girl has a doll hospital and they can fix her up. I went online and got a form and an address and shipped this doll out Monday after 2:00pm. I got her back Friday morning around 8:30am all fixed and even with a hospital gown and bracelet. I am very impressed! I paid a small amount for their time and the shipping, but to have a fixed doll it was worth it!