Monday, July 22, 2013

Fair Fun

 This past week was the week of our county fair. I really have a love hate relationship with the fair. I absolutely love it when we get there and all the projects are complete and the animals are in their stalls just waiting for show day. It is the week prior to fair that I really struggle with. I don't like to put off to the last minute, but no matter how hard we try and I nag there is always something that has to be done right before we go. In this pic we are spray painting Gideon's bucket project he made.

 Here he is with his finished project. Thanks to a Grandpa that owns a hardware store and some good friends that were willing to pitch in some extra time to help cut pieces he is going to State Fair! We are very excited!

 Gideon also did a return bucket bottle calf.  "Moon" is a little heifer that he took to the fair last year as just a little calf. It has been a great experience and Gideon has learned lots from it.
 We have worked hard on teaching her to lead and giving her baths and just being around her. Lots of times I had to tell Gideon that he has to act like he is bigger than her and show her who is boss. He usually responded with "mom she is way bigger than me and she knows it!"
 Grandpa Boender was very helpful on Monday night! He helped us walk her to the scale to get her weighed in. She did very well and just followed Gideon right onto the scale then back off and into her stall. Thanks again Grandpa for being there to help us!
 Moon is the farthest to the right in this picture. She was tiny compared to Ki and Olivia's calves.

 BJ was amazing help and was at the fair every morning before 7:00am with Gideon to feed, lead a give Moon a bath. We also had to be there every night to tie her outside. We really had a great time and good fellowship with friends. I think I will try to get a spot to park our camper next time so that we will not have to make so many trips to town every day!
 The moment we work for all year! The show ring!  She lead very well and placed third out of four. They just judged the calf in this show and not the kids. We passed on the showmanship part this year but I think that will be something we shoot for not this coming year but the next one.
 4-H and the fair are wonderful responsibility teachers and gives the kids a wonderful experience!
 On the last day is the auction to sell the animals, then you have to clean your pen. We decided to keep Moon and breed her so that she can have a calf and continue to be a part of our herd. Here are a few pictures of the clean up day.
 Fair is a week of dirty laundry! The little girls really enjoyed helping clean too.
 Gideon and Ethan worked super hard and cleaned out all the pins! They even had to scale the high boards to unhook some cords.
 Rachel entered two things in the open class and she got second place ribbons for both. She is really looking forward to being in 4-H when she gets older!
 Snow cone time. This week was pretty hot so the snow cone shop was pretty much a daily stop for us.
 Rachel saved up her money and was kind enough to pay for her, a friend and Adalli to ride the ponies!

She also colored in the coloring contest. She didn't place but I think she did a great job!