Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Thumb Sucker?

My three beautiful girls

Natalie has really started to find her thumb lately but usually only right before she falls asleep and then looses it shortly after she falls asleep. I was not to terribly concerned because I have never been a huge fan of pacifiers, but I have been told by a few people, that it is not the best thing for their little mouths, I have also been told by a couple people that they sucked there thumb until kindergarten or 1st grade and never had a problem, so we will see what happens.

She always puts her two fingers up above her nose.

4-H Project (Moon)

This is Moon, Gideon's bottle calf for the year. She is a twin from our very first cow that we bought from our cousin that had her as a bottle calf. Anyway, the cow's name is Star (she is our only cow that has a name by the way.) so the kids decided to call her twins Sun and Moon, I thought that was pretty cute. So we are going on week three of getting up a half hour earlier in the morning to get her fed and then making sure she has a bottle for lunch and then after supper. She is teaching great responsibility and she is so cute!

Adalli loves to help feed her and she asks me all morning when we are going to go feed Moon, but once we get out there she is not quite sure about her so she usually stays on the outside of the fence and watches her. It probably makes her a little nervous because Moon will suck on anything that gets close to her and her and Addi stand at about the same height so Addi gets a tongue right in her face.