Friday, March 12, 2010

Snowmobiling in Cassia's old home town

Taking a break enjoying God's beautiful creation, with deep powder snow

At times it was a stuckfest but we all need the exercise in helping each other out

This is Dennis or Fearless Leader

More wonderful deep powder snow

Kurt and i both conquered this hill so we thought we deserved a picture. Kurt did make it first.

Snowmobiling in northern Colorado

This is what your sled looks like after helping my brother get his sled unstuck when I happened to park behind him
This is a picture of Dennis (who we know as King of Fun) about to give me a lesson on retrieving a stuck sled. My brother Kurt and I were playing in the deep powder when I thought I would circle around the trees and meet them on the other side. What i didn't know was there was huge snow drifts that were up and down five to six feet tall, so i had to make a decision. Stop and get major stuck, or pin it. From the looks of the picture it looks like i just stopped, but i didn't i pinned it. This was a bad choice, luckily i did get stopped before i came in contact with objects that don't move (lots of big trees). Thank y0u Dad, Micah, Kurt, and Dennis for coming to rescue me.
This is first picture before we all head out
Kurt's first time out to the mountains so he was asking lots of question on what to do, how to ride, and things like that. Of course I showed him all the right techniques.
The first day we got there the snow was so deep we got stuck in the parking lot trying to park with the pickups so Kurts unloading his sled so he can pull the other pickup and trailer out