Monday, March 4, 2013

Dresses, Slides, Sleds,and Dances

 Little girlies modeling their Easter dresses.
 We just got a new mattress after fighting our old one for long enough. So on a snowy Friday we made a cardboard slide down our staircase.  It was super fast, and pretty hard to get back up after you rode down.  The kiddos all enjoyed it even tho they got a few cardboard burns.

 Baby Selah, Zander and Aunt Kay spent the weekend with us and we had so much fun. This was Selah sleeping thru all the noise of us sliding down the stairs.
 On Saturday we went sledding for a little while. Gideon and his cousin tried snow boarding down the hill on a sled. He decided that wasn't such a grand idea the next morning when his neck was really sore.
Adalli enjoyed watching everyone but wasn't real fond of going down the hill.
 Rachel talked BJ into going down with her and hitting the jump. They made it without any injuries.
 This is what Natalie thought of sledding. Not a fan!
 Rachel went to the PC Drill team day camp and did a great job at performing that night.

 They had a great turn out in little girls this year. It was fun to watch and Adalli is ready to go next year!