Saturday, October 31, 2009

Kelita and Ben's House

This is my sister and her husbands cute house in Morrison, IL. I should have taken a pic of the outside. It is a really nice older farm style house with a nice wood stove and enough room for all of us to stay the night and hang out comfortably. She had two really nice trees out front that made the prettiest yellow leaves so I got some good picture of the boys playing. Rachel was pretty sick the day we took the pictures so that is why the boys are just in them. Next time Rachel will have her turn.

Kelita made supper, then breakfast Sunday morning and lunch after church. We had a great time and we are all very thankful she only lives a couple hours away.

Poor Leah

We have had an extremely wet and cold fall this year and this is what I have to look at all day when it is pooring down rain and just nasty outside. Leah just sits at the door so sad and watches everything going on inside. She is very smart though and never barges in the house until she gets the okay to do so. On these rainy days she does not get to come in though.

More Harvest

Just some more harvest pictures.

Harvest in the Snow

Okay here I am again blogging a month behind schedule:( Sorry. Hope it isn't to confusing.
Yes, these are pictures on the 10th of October IN IOWA. I told BJ we always have snow in Colorado around the first couple weeks of October but this is Iowa. To be honest though, I woke up to the big fluffy flakes and they really made me smile. :) We tried to combine in it and it worked for long enough to get some pictures but that is about it. The corn plants held so much snow so when the combine sucked them into the head it sent snow everywhere and you really couldn't see the head of the combine at all. We were all pretty thankful it only lasted a day.