Wednesday, February 6, 2013


 BJ spent the week of his birthday snowmobiling in Colorado. Then 3 of us wives headed out the next weekend to meet them in Denver for the Stock Show, some much needed rest, and some wonderful fellowship with amazing friends. Us girls made it to Denver in 10 hours with only two stops. We did awesome I think. :) Here are a few pictures of the Saturday night Rodeo at Stock show.

 The awesome group of friends we got to enjoy all weekend!

 This is a family of Bucking horses. A grandma, mom, daughter and great granddaughter. The grandma, mom and daughter are all exceptional bucking horses! The announcer talked about how God created these horses to be bucking horses and he said an awesome thing at the very end that I think is important to remember in our daily lives.  "What we are is God's gift to us, what we chose to become is our gift to God.  I love rodeos!!
 On the way home in the fog and the rain (thank goodness we missed most of the ice) the boys ran over a ladder that was all mangled in the middle of the road. It looked like caution tape it was so bent out of shape. Anyway, they got a flat tire after they hit it. It took them a little under ten minutes to change the tire! I was super impressed with their amazing skill and speed. Way to go boys!
 The best pit crew ever!

 This is what the ladder looked like. Crazy!
Other than that little hiccup we made it home safely to our wonderful kiddos. Thank you all so much for the wonderful time! Lets make it a yearly thing! Also thank you so much to the sitters that protected and provided for our kiddos while we were gone. You are all such an amazing blessing to us!