Saturday, September 22, 2012

Summer 2012

 Johnathon broke his arm on June 4 falling off the monkey bars. After a month of hoping it would grow together good we realized it wasn't.  He ended up having surgery July 11th. It went good even with 2 big screws in it. The Dr. said at the last check up it healed up good now we just have to wait and see if it is going to grow the right way. 
 Gideon helped BJ bale hay this summer again and he did a wonderful job and baled around 50 bales, I think.
 Grammy and Grandpa L took us to the balloon glow at the lake. It was really neat to watch the balloons get taken down and folded up to fit into the back of a van or truck.
 Natalie refuses to sit in her chair the normal way. If she isn't standing up she is sitting backwards. Busy, busy!
 We were not able to get a very good crop of squash or cucumbers because of the nasty squash beetles.  Here is Addi showing off one of the only cucumbers.

 Natalie has to stay in her exer saucer or she sticks everything in her mouth.
 It was a horrible HOT summer, with the fair being no exception! Gideon still did an amazing job and got a purple ribbon with Moon his bottle calf.

 This is the only picture of the original ribbon. Gid hung it on her pin and Moon ate it. oops.                  
 The little girls did a wonderful job at "living" at the fair for the week!