Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sewing and Sillies!

 A friend of ours asked John what he was going to do over spring break and he said "sew." That caught me off guard just as much as our friend!  On one day of spring break when the little ones were sleeping we did manage to get the sewing machine out and John made a Bible cover, it even has a strap that wraps around and connects to a button to keep it closed. He did very well!

 Finished project!
 Gideon made a denim wallet with pockets to slide things in too.

 Rachel was the designated ironer. From now on she gets this job :)
 Natalie is our little character and is always up to something to make us laugh at her.
 She loves to stack cans, frosting tubs, peanut butter, anything she can find in the cupboards. Even if we have a wonderful box of blocks she would much rather use cupboard items.
 She is also a crazy eater and loves pickles, lima beans, meat loaf and greek yogurt to name a few. She does not like macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes or many of the things little girls usually love!
Daddy and his little girls.