Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It was a frustrating day yesterday! Johnathon, Natalie and I headed to Des Moines to have Best Buy hook my computer to a Verizon hot spot so that I could see if that was a better internet connection. Well after an hour and a half they told me that they (the Geek Squad) could not get my computer to pick up the hot spot and it would not accept my Kindle either. I asked them why it wouldn't and they told me that is was the Windows Vista program. So for a warning no matter how cheap a computer is NEVER get it with Vista on it.
Then my current internet provider came out to see if they could get it to at least let me upload pictures. They did their tests and all that they could do and found out that they have no way of helping me either.
So until I get a new computer I am afraid I am going to have to stop blogging because it just will not let me do much at all. We will be saving up and hopefully by the summer we will be able to find a different computer and get back to blogging, e-mails and such! I feel so sad that I am going to be one of those blogs in your favorites that has not been updated in a really long time! I have lived without internet before so we will do it again and use our time for something else:)

Our family hopes you all have a wonderful Christmas and blessed New Year! We will be sending out a letter updating you on our past year hopefully in January after a family picture is taken.

God Bless you all!