Monday, March 28, 2011

Myrtle Beach

On the 10th of February BJ, Addi, my sister K her husband Ben and baby boy Zander, my mom and dad and brother Micah and I loaded up in our Excursion and drove 24 hours straight thru to Myrtle Beach South Carolina. Wow, what a long drive to tackle straight thru (I do not recommend it!). Once we got there we had a wonderful time! The weather was very nice 50s and 60s and the ocean was beautiful. It had been a long time since we had been to the ocean. And the older kiddos were a little bummed that they had to stay home and Addi got to see the ocean before they did.

Adalli had so much fun walking with bare feet in the sand and the waves and digging to find shells and rocks.

We went to Hunters Beach and they had a neat visitor and educational center. Addi could stick her fingers in and feel the fish and shells. She wasn't quite sure about it though. We had a wonderful time and recommend this place for sure.

Too Long!

Here it is almost two months past Johnathon's birthday and I am finally getting his Five year pic up. Lots has happened in the last couple months so I will try to get you somewhat up to date!

Johnathon is in preschool this year and really enjoying it! He loves helping dad with whatever he can as well, but his favorite is checking cows and calves. He is growing more and more each day. BJ and I are so thankful for such wonderful children!