Monday, January 30, 2012

Buffalo Bill Museum

Buffalo Bill museum

We took a fun trip to Colorado two weeks ago and ended up in the hospital with RSV because the altitude was hard on poor Natalie so I did not get near the pictures I wanted. Everyone except me and the little girls were able to make it to The Stock Show and the rodeo. Before we headed home we stopped at Buffalo Bill's grave and museum. It was pretty interesting and the kids had a wonderful time in the kid area dressing up as cowboys and roping calves. We also learned that Buffalo Bill was born in Iowa but wanted to be buried on Look out Mountain north of Denver. I do have a few more pics so hopefully I will be able to get those on here soon.

My wonderful husband took me computer shopping in Des Moines on Saturday and we came home with a wonderful Mac computer and a faster internet connection. As of right now it is doing awesome. We are going to pray it stays that way!