Saturday, December 19, 2009

Trapping excitement

Josh did a great job of trapping this year. He would have to get up early before school and check traps but his work paid off with unusual catches! He caught a Badger and an Otter this year. He caught a few raccoons, some squirrels and a couple skunks. The kiddos always got up and asked Josh what he caught that day. It was a fun experience considering you really don't know what you are going to end up with.


So when BJ wasn't in the tractor putting anhydrous on he was borrowing Mark's track hoe and digging out trees from the Hartman farm. Thank goodness for the track hoe there are some large mud holes that a dozer will not make it through. It is so much fun to watch the farm continuously look better and better.

Fall NH3

BJ put in some really long hours and went through two tractors this fall. He got lots done but has quite a bit left for spring, the quick freeze this fall put him out quickly.