Friday, January 30, 2009

Grandma's pond is fun even in the winter!!

Grandpa and the kid taxi :)
On January 10th BJ, Gideon, Josh and I hitched a ride with Mike and Cody and picked up Emily then we headed to The Battle at the Barn. What an experience! I have never been to a race like this one, ever. It was a small track ( it took the go carts 6 seconds to make a lap), and there was motorcycles, old and new, go carts, lots and lots, 3 wheelers, and 4 wheelers. There was a lot of wrecks but not a lot of injuries. Thank goodness. Kurt was the only one racing but I think once we got there BJ really would have loved to race too. Anyway, Kurt got first in his first heat then got bumped by another 4 wheeler in his second and his chain fell off. So for the next couple hours they worked on fixing that. In his final race he started in the second row in 6th place and by half way he had made it to secondplace. He pulled in front and for the last 4 laps he led and won the race. We were all very excited!

It was a really long day but we all had lots of fun.
Fixing the chain.
The boys all got a really nice bow and arrows set. Gideon has to get a little stronger to pull back the strings so he has been working on his chin ups and push ups lately.
Christmas at Mom and Dad Boenders
I know I am way behind but I could not miss Christmas. Mom always makes a wonderful supper and sets a beautiful table for the adults and the kiddos. We had a wonderful night as a family. Thank you Mom and Dad!
Rachel got an amazing horse barn that I dreamed about when I was a little girl so both her and I have really enjoyed playing with it.
Johnathon, Rachel and Gideon all got very fuzzy, soft jammies.