Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chopping Triticale and Turning 9

 I got a lesson in chopping Triticale the other day when I said "You have to mow it first?" Obviously I didn't grow up a farm girl. :) Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband that enjoys teaching me new things! So this is how it goes. First you mow it and let it dry until it is about 60% moisture, then you come by with the chopper and chop it up and shoot it into the silage wagon, then you go unload it into the silo. After that you feed it to the hungry cows in the winter.

 You need at least two tractor drivers to drive the full wagon to the silo, unload it, then bring it back to be filled again. The amount of backing up and connecting was terrifying for me. I cannot back up to anything that needs to be hitched up without at least five tries. BJ is AMAZING at it and I think he could probably do it with his eyes closed!
 We only had one afternoon to work on this because it rained us out again. That has happened a lot this year!
 The girls loved watching the guys work! I am so thankful that God has blessed our family and given us the opportunity to raise our kiddos on the farm! That way my girls will know how to chop Triticale before they are my age. :)
 While BJ was chopping in a mad rush to beat the rain we were painting in a mad rush to beat the rain. I am very pleased with the finished project. I also learned that I will never paint anything white and red again. I quit counting how many times I re painted the red cause someone hit it with the white and vice versa!
 Natalie LOVES boots, even if they don't fit just right!

 Rachel organized a birthday party with friends for her ninth birthday on the 12th. She picked out the games and organized all the crafts. I was very proud and thankful! I really just watched and made sure they didn't make to big of a mess!  They played musical pillows.
 Opened gifts.
 Took a group photo.
 Decorated a frame to put the photo in.
 Played on her new Slip n Slide.
 Ate pizza and decorated cupcakes.
She is growing up so fast and is so much help to me with her little sisters, and around the house. She also loves to be outside helping BJ with anything she can also.