Saturday, February 1, 2014

New Trees

 For Christmas BJ was able to get some trees from a landlord to put in our yard. A friends Father has a business that moves trees, so he came and helped us add 5 new trees to our yard! It is really neat to watch him transplant them!
 The big hole he digs.

 Rachel's little snowman :)
 3 of the 5. Now to keep them alive! It seems to be easier to keep these alive compared to the little ones from a nursery.
 Our little Adalli (who isn't so little anymore) turned 4 on New Year's Eve! She loves to sprinkle pink sprinkles on anything she can!

 She also helped me make homemade noodles too. She loves to help in the kitchen! She also loves learning her numbers and letters so she can be ready for preschool this fall.