Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Adalli's 2 Year pics

Here are a few of Adalli's 2 year old pictures that Becky took for us.

Adalli is becoming such a big girl! She really likes pretty things like necklaces, dresses, earrings and glitter. She is almost always happy and sweet. She loves being a big sister to Natalie and feels so grown up when she can hang out with big sister Rachel.
Next to her daddy Adalli's true love is books of any kind! If you can't find her, you just need to look in the corner by the book shelf and there she is. It doesn't matter if there are pictures or not, she just makes up her own little language and tells the whole story.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Natalie and Allison Baptism

These pictures Becky took for our family. They turned out wonderful! Thank you very much Becky!

These are the pictures from my camera. Everything went very well, we did not have any major breakdowns or huge scenes in front of church :)We are truly blessed to be surrounded by five beautiful, amazing children from God!
Grandpa and little Natalie

Natalie is almost 4 months and Allison is 6 weeks old. It is so amazing how quickly they grow.