Saturday, January 16, 2010

The kiddos take turns holding Adalli every chance they get!! She does very well and puts up with alot of shuffling around.
This is the "yoga outfit" that aunt Kay and uncle Ben bought for Adalli. And she is laying on her very nice soft pillow from Grandma Jan.
Adalli got to use her chair for the first time because she wasn't hooked up to the light anymore.
Adalli in the sun. This is the way she spent the last five days. Sprawled out in the sun (when there was sun) with her little light on her back too. On her 2 week birthday we got her numbers back and Dr. Bruxvoort said we could take her light off and no more heel pokes. That was the best birthday present! Her numbers were 14.5 and the poor girl had been poked in the heel for thirteen out of the fourteen days she was out. We are so very thankul for all of your prayers.