Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Homemade Apple Cider

We picked apples and pears off of our trees at home and took them to Rob's house. He has a cider press that he uses to make cider with.
First you throw the whole apple into the chopper and it fills the bucket underneath then you use your strength and twist this wooden block down to press all the juice out of the chopped apple pieces into a bucket then you fill jugs with it and you are set to go.

We got six gallon of juice, 5 gallon of apple and 1 gallon of pear cider. It is very good hot or cold and it is a great way to use up apples.

The finished product. It is a good thing I snapped this photo because we had a bunch of wind a little while after and it all blew over. Oh well it was fun while it lasted.

As you can tell this was a couple weeks ago. The corn is still green:) We had lots of fun picking out the tallest stalks to put in our teepee.


Grandma Jan was wonderful and planted pumpkins in her gardens this year so we could just drive down the rode and pick out any size we wanted. We had so much fun and we didn't have to pay for the pumpkins. Thank you Grandma!!

Gideon picked out the very biggest one. It is a good thing pumpkins roll because mom could not pick it up.