Monday, April 19, 2010


We celebrated the baptism of Adalli and Anton today at the cabin with lots of family and friends. There were 5 babies baptized at church today. Adalli was the only girl though. She did very well and we praise God for blessing us with a beautiful little girl to love and cherish!

Anton is 2 months and Adalli is 3 months.

Outside Time

We worked in the Garden all day Wednesday last week. We got peas, and carrots planted and a whole bunch of weeds pulled. While Moriah and I did the work the kids made a pond and climbed the trees.

This is a 4 wheeler that BJ got the kids. It is really small and perfect for Johnathon and Rachel. They have been working on their driving skills. They still need a lot of practice but they do better than I thought they would! We leave if at the shop so mom doesn't have to mess with it and that way dad can take care of them while they ride.


We went to Grandma and Grandpa Boender's cabin and had a wonderful "feast!" Aunt Becky, Uncle Brian, Elliot and Ezra were able to come. It is really nice having them close to watch their kiddos grow along with ours!

Pouring Concrete

This is our farm house after we knocked out the bad brick foundation. They poured the footings and now it is on to the walls.

Johnathon, Rachel and Leah had a great time digging in the sand pile. They held a contest to see who could dig the most the fastest. Leah had them beat "paws" down!