Monday, May 13, 2013

 We have had a fairly chilly spring this year so the birds have been taking full advantage of easy food. I will fill these feeders and by the next day they are both gone and needing filled again. Wow, they eat more that two dogs do. This bird watching could become an expensive hobby! The little girls and I just love watching the birds, we have so many different kinds and they are all so pretty!
 My sister Moriah had a small surprise going away party for my mom. We had a few friends, cake and a time of prayer. It was great and I think we actually surprised her!

Rachel, John and Gideon are all involved in baseball or softball. It has been a chilly spring for this, not to mention very busy. There is not a week this spring that we don't have at least three games. Last week we had a game every night. I am really looking forward to the warmer temps. It makes being at the ball field much nicer! John is in these 2 pictures. He is learning lots and really enjoying it!

 I was able to join Gideon for the first time on a field trip Tuesday. We went to the Living History Farms. I had so much fun and I am ready to take the whole family again sometime!

 Can you believe he is 11? I can't!