Tuesday, September 25, 2012


 A friend of ours got my Mom some cheap tickets to Adventureland so we headed out one morning to see how many rides we could go on with a 2 year old a 9 month old and a 6 year old with a broken arm.

 We all got to ride the ferris wheel.

I was pleasantly surprised how many rides that both John with a cast and Addi could ride. I feel like we definitely got our moneys worth.
I did not take pictures of the water park for fear of ruining my camera and also it was CRAZY busy! I recommend one adult or older child per small child. I was pretty overwhelmed and I just had Addi, Natalie and John under my care. It was packed with people and the lines were terribly long for all the water slides and rides. But otherwise the day was a wonderful experience for all and we all slept very well that night!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Colorado Trip

 Right after fair we all loaded up and headed to Colorado for a few days. It was so beautiful and it was really nice to have some cool weather and a break from watching the corn die in the horrible heat!
 We strapped Adalli's seat in the back of the Ranger and she loved it. It was very dusty the first day of riding so she did very well at wearing her sunglasses to keep the dust out. The second day we got a nice afternoon sprinkle and it really made the dust go down.
 All the big kiddos got a chance to drive Ranger for a little while. They all did pretty good and learned a lot.
 Natalie was a trooper too and enjoyed being outside on the Ranger!
 This sign says narrow rough road. No Kidding!
 When we weren't riding rangers the boys enjoyed many games of Rook. The girls enjoyed a couple games of Settlers, visiting and just relaxing. In this particular picture we were going to go for a ride but then the boys started a game and they played so long Natalie fell asleep in her seat waiting to go.
 The beautiful horses on the ranch.
 We visited with some very special friends a couple of the nights we were there and Gideon and John really enjoyed learning how to rope. Mark is a wonderful teacher!
 All loaded up and ready to head home.
It is so beautiful. It was a little hard to leave the mountains and the crisp cool air to head back into the heat and reality of no rain at home, it was very nice to get away and have some wonderful family time! God is so faithful and good and has richly provided for us even in this year of not much rain and it was nice to get back home and start in the fields.