Monday, August 19, 2013

Boender Family Vacation Part 2

 Loaded up and ready for a ride!
 I thought this looked funny. All the rangers and four wheeler filling up at the gas station.
 Kurt and Emily did a great job of leading us through all the trails!
 This is a lighthouse on Peninsula Point on lake Michigan. It was really neat because you could climb up all the way to the top and look out.
 The kiddos all beat us up to the top.
 The view from the lighthouse on one side.

 The lighthouse stairs.
 There were all kinds of rocks with shell fossils in them. So the kids enjoyed finding them.
 Gideon caught a frog and John climbed a tree.
 These are pictures from a beach on Lake Superior. If we would have had more time and our kiddos were a little older I would have loved to take a kayak or a boat out onto the lake so we could see more of the pretty rocks!

 Natalie would get her hands full of sand and then go wash them off in the little waterfall. She did this so many times while we were there.
 Beautiful blue lake!

 Cousin picture with Grandma and Grandpa
 BJ tormenting the boys when they can't defend themselves. They did ask to be buried tho!
 Adalli was a trooper on the hike!
 Daddy and his little girls.
 Pretty waterfall that we hiked to. It was one of the shorter hikes ( a little over a mile round trip) perfect for wearing the kiddos out so they could nap on the ride back to the cabin!
We had a wonderful trip and really enjoyed seeing the new and different places. The U.P. of Michigan is very beautiful! Thank you to all for making it another wonderful Boender vacation!!