Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fair Fun

I brought my camera with great intentions to take lots of pictures of our county fair and my kiddos enjoying the animals, but it was hot and I was with the 4 children by myself which is just fine but it does not leave any extra hands or time to take fun pictures. So I was only able to snap a quick picture of Gideon and the pictures he entered. He did very well and got a 1st and Best of Show on his Luna moth picture and a 2nd on his picture of rain drops on the bbq cover with the trees in the background. He was so excited and is ready to start 4-H this fall to learn more about photography and maybe see his work at State Fair. He has also mentioned something about doing a bucket bottle calf as well. I grew up in 4-H in CO and I fully enjoyed the time I had and I feel I learned a lot through the experience so I am looking forward to being able to watch him go and grow thru this next year!

oops, I forgot to switch them so you will have to twist your head a little to see. Sorry :)