Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It Finally Happened

 On Monday June 4th Rachel had a makeup softball game and then we went to watch some girls in Majors play. While we were watching Johnathon and his cousins were playing on the playground. His cousin came and got me and said that John had fallen and was hurt pretty bad, so I jumped up and met him. He wasn't crying that bad at all but he was favoring his arm quite a bit. We made him sit, much to his dismay with a pack of ice for 20 minutes. After the 20 minutes we took the ice off and there was  weird swelling right on top where his arm bends at the elbow. BJ loaded him up and headed to Pella to check it out. They said they had to have the radiologist look at the x rays and they would call in the morning. I got a phone call about 9:00 and they said that he had broken his elbow and we needed to see a pediatric orthopedic Dr. in Des Moines. Oh, she also told me that he was to sit and ice it continuously for all day Tuesday and Wednesday. What a chore! John does not sit still for long at all! Thank goodness for the Kindle!
We made it tho, and the Dr. said that he did not need surgery just a cast with his hand facing up, which makes it quite difficult to button your pants or hold on to anything we have found out! He gets a new cast next week Thursday because his arm will have shrunk so much that it will about slide out of this one, they told us. I am thankful for that because it has proved pretty tricky to keep this one clean!
It has not slowed him down in the least and he is sucking up all the attention he gets from it!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Ride

 Our family was invited to go riding on a friends acreage down south a little ways. We had no idea that he had invited so many other families as well. What Fun!! We did a bunch of riding on trails thru the woods and brush. I was to busy hanging on so I didn't get any pictures from that. After our woods excursions we were all hot and ready for some water fun! Wow, did we get wet and sandy and the guys got to pull out a bunch of people. Deep down I think they enjoy that almost as much as riding.
 This is what happens when you stop in a soft spot. Kurt buried it good! Thank goodness for a wench. Kurt was one of many people that got stuck on the water run. BJ was always great and stopped to help, so the kiddos got in some swimming time and I got some pics taken.

This is Karl and Kristen coming thru a pretty deep spot. BJ was an awesome driver and we didn't get stuck once. We had so much fun and would love to do it again sometime!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Dan Larson Memorial Bull Riding

 On Saturday evening we went to this bull riding and barrel racing rodeo in Albia. It was a beautiful night and BJ was able to take the evening off. We had a wonderful time. The bulls did much better than the cowboys but the announcer and the rodeo clown were very entertaining! The boys are still telling jokes and laughing at all the silly things they said and did. 
 Adalli got a little bored a time or two so she opted to play the Kindle for awhile.
 One of the barrel racers. I always love watching the horses get so excited to run barrels!

Kindergarten Graduation

 Johnathon graduated Kindergarten this year. Wow, like I always say time is just zooming by! He enjoyed school for the most part this year. I praise God for Mrs. DeBruin and the hard work and devotion that she puts in to each child every year! She teaches them Bible verses for each letter of the alphabet, then has them pick out their favorite one. I kept his book by my desk for at least a week and now when I am trying to blog about it, it is no where to be seen. Bummer!
 Johnathon was a raccoon for his ceremony.