Tuesday, February 10, 2009

More and More Kitchen
Johnathon "works" all day in the kitchen on anything he can get his screw driver, hammer and whatever else he can find to "fix" like daddy. I am constantly having to keep a very close eye on him so that he doesn't pound a new hole into anything. When the guys get home in the evening to really work on things he is just happy as can be to be in the middle of everything!
Here he is sitting on the sink so daddy can caulk around it and make sure it seals tight. He wasn't heavy enough so, Jeremiah had to add his weight too.
This is how the counter top came. (without a sink hole) Jeremiah and BJ measured and measured to make sure that they would cut it just right. They did an awesome job and we all breathed a big sigh of relief when we popped the sink into the hole and it fit perfectly. Way to go guys!!
BJ worked hard Tuesday night while I was at a meeting and put in two new can lights. They are so nice and really make the kitchen look new, clean and finished. I love the warm light they give off verses the florescent light we had before.