Monday, August 10, 2009

Michigan Motorcycle Track
BJ and the guys had a great time on the "Big Boy" track!

Michigan 4-wheeler Track
Wow, Gideon, Cody and Ethan had such a great time on their 4- wheelers this week. We went to a track specially made just for little boys and it was full of mud. A dream come true to Gideon!! We only had to warn him a couple times about going to fast over the jumps, otherwise he did a great job and is ready to go back again!

I was so proud of BJ he got up the hill the first time he tried! It was the harder of the 2 hills at this sight. There was another hill down the trail a little ways that they called the "impossible hill" and they didn't even try that one because they didn't want to tear up their bikes! I was just fine with that idea!

Our Newest Addition
This is Leah, our new Border Collie puppy. She is so cute and very busy so she fits right into our family! The only negative is that she loves chasing cars so we are in the process of breaking her of that. If you have any ideas feel free to let us know.

Happy Birthday Rachel
It was only 75 degrees outside but they went swimming on Rachel's birthday just like she wanted. Thank goodness for Grandpa. He made a nice fire to warm up by!

Florida Pictures
I know it was a long time ago but I had to post a couple of our Florida trip we went on. This pic is on the boat on the cruise to the Bahamas. It was a long boat ride 5 hours one way but it was a fun experience!
This is an iguana that was by our pool at the motel. He was the biggest one of the bunch so we took a picture of him. Mo tried to get him to jump into the water that was beside him but he just puffed up and slowly moved to a better hiding spot. There were 5 iguanas and countless little lizards all over the pool area.
This is Mo and Kay playing in the ocean. It was so nice outside and the water was a little cool but not bad at all. There were these little fish that would come up and nibble at our red toe nail polish while we were looking for shells.