Friday, February 12, 2010

Roller Skating

For Johnathon's birthday we decided to go roller skating. We had so much fun and a few of us came away a little sore. Cody, Ethan, Gideon, Rachel and Johnathon were very diligent and tried very very hard. After and hour of wishing they could go out on the floor with just socks on they really got the hang of it and did extremely well! BJ, Mike, Grandpa Boender and Josh also skated and they all did very well too. BJ said it was a little harder than he remembered it being in 8th grade. We all had a great time and decided that we should make it a monthly occurance. Note to anyone that lives in or near Oskaloosa the skating rink has $3 Thursdays so for $3 you get to skat from 6 until 8. We thought it was great fun and well worth the $3. Resting after a few rounds.

Mike getting the hang of it again.

Josh was a great teacher.
Grandpa did better than all of us at skating!