Saturday, June 8, 2013

May Fun

 Rachel's class went to Nelson Pioneer Farm for a field trip. They got to experience what it was like to go to school in the 1800s. Wow, they were thankful for Mrs. Groenenboom's sweet heart and kind teaching manner after that!
 We fed chickens, milked cows, ground corn and made butter then had it on cornbread. It was a very neat day and I highly recommend a visit there sometime!

 Gideon played saxophone in band this year and they had one last concert to show the 4th graders the instrument choices.
 BJ moved a hay bale and found 5 baby coons. I warned the kiddos that we were not keeping any of them. They can be so much trouble!! We had a fun time playing with them and I have to say that is was pretty tempting to keep them. We found a special someone to take care of them until they grow up and can be set free.

 When it is to wet to be in the field we run the cows and calves thru for their wormer, bug spray and check over. I always enjoy checking all the calves and cows out and bringing coffee time.
 The little girls really enjoyed it too.

 This is how muddy the kiddos get if they find a mud hole with their 4 wheeler.

 BJ mowed the triticale and started chopping yesterday.

We have been slowly working on cleaning things up on the farm yard. In my dreams all the shed will be painted, one building at a time right? The kids did an amazing job at helping me and we got all the primer on. Today we are headed out to put the red on.