Friday, July 30, 2010

This is what we saw when we laid on the top deck of our house boat and looked up. Wow!!
Johnathon's first slide into the lake. We ate, slept and lived in our swim suits for 3 days straight. That way when you got hot, morning, noon, or night you could just jump in and cool off!
Adalli did extremely well at tolerating her claustrophobic life jacket. I was very thankful that she was not mobile on this trip. It would have been pretty stressful if she was crawling or walking. There was never much between us and the water!
Dad was a very good captain as well!

Family Vacation of a Lifetime Cont.

We made it to Lake Powell Thursday afternoon and just made the last ferry of the day. We rode the ferry across to Bull frog Marina where the house boat was docked.

Mom posing for a Captains photo.
The most handsome and strongest man on the Lake!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Vacation of a Lifetime Cont.

Bridges National Monument was really neat. This park is right before you turn on the road to head to Lake Powell. Be prepared to hike awhile! We took the shortest hike and the kids were wore out halfway back, it did not help that it was 95 degrees out. Hot!

Family Vacation of a Lifetime Cont.

This is Hovenweep. It is in between Colorado and Utah in the very south west corner. It was a great spot to stop and let the kids run for a little while.

These are old houses and funny castle looking buildings the Indians made. It was very interesting and I would recommend it. We just took the short walk but there was a hike that took you a long ways around to see quite a few more buildings. They also had signs posted for the dessert plants that explained what it was and what the Indians used it for, they were very interesting.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

At the end of the 4 wheel drive road was this old house and mine shaft. I think it was more of an office than a house. the construction of the house did not look any older than our farm house. Probably both built in the early nineteen hundreds. We headed up what they called Mary Jane pass just to say we went on a class five 4 wheel drive road. We crossed thru a creek and went a couple miles but the Excursion was a little long for some of the switch backs so we headed back down.

Family Vacation of a Lifetime Cont.

This is a river running thru an ice glacier on a 4 wheel drive road just outside of Ouray, CO. It was a very steep, narrow and curvy road but it was very beautiful!

Ouray was a beautiful quaint town nestled in between some big rock mountains. There were neat little shops, lots and lots of fun restaurants, hot springs and the most amazing bakery with incredible bread! We stayed the night in a Best Western that was very nice and reasonable, we highly recommend it. We are hoping next year to come back to Ouray and go camping, visit all the old ghost mining towns and explore more 4 wheel drive roads.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Family Vacation of a Lifetime Cont.

This is my post card picture. It was taken on a 4 wheel drive road between Telluride and Ridgway. On the map it looks like it does not make it all the way thru so BJ stopped at a gas station and asked a guy there and the guy said it was an awesome drive and it did make it all the way thru. It was absolutely beautiful!
This was some cow elk on a ridge. There was probably 20- 30 with there little calves.

The sun was in the way here but at a coffee shop in Telluride we found a water cover that was made in Dubuqe, IA.
This waterfall looks like it is going to run right into main street Telluride. It was a pretty crazy town, we didn't run into to many friendly people, and I can not imagine the cost of living but the scenery was pretty amazing!!

Family Vacation of a Lifetime Cont.

This is Black Canyon in Colorado. we took the steep rode down to the bottom then walked along the river for a little while then we drove back up the steep rode and drove around the rim of the canyon. It was very beautiful!

Family Vacation of a Lifetime

You can tell I have not blogged in forever because I always forget that the last picture I pick is the first one on the page. So you might want to scroll down to the bottom. Sorry.
Lake San Cristobal was a lake we stopped by outside of Lake City, Colorado. We stopped in Gunnison, CO to see my Great Aunt and Uncle and some cousins. We watched a great fireworks display on the 4th and woke up the next morning to Hot air balloons. It was really neat. On the 5th we drove to my Aunt and uncles and went on a shortcut to Lake City. We stayed at their cabin that night. The lake in this picture was snow melt run off and it was terribly cold!
We stopped in Sydney, NE to fuel up.
This was a very common view the whole trip by either the pickup of the excursion:)