Friday, October 9, 2009

Rehearsal Day

After we decorated. Kelita did all the centerpieces by herself and it looked so nice!

Did I mention that the rehearsal was a costume party? Yep, it was pretty crazy! Rachel, Johnathon and Gideon were LEGOS. The boys thought they worked good for "sumo wrestling" too.

The boys were ring bearers and Rachel was the flower/bubble girl. They all did so good and really enjoyed it! Aunt Kay did a wonderful job at being flexible and fun through the whole time.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Josh is on JV football for the Pella Christian Eagle. He plays very well and most of the game through. He is also on second chain for Varsity. He usually gets to play a few plays for Varsity every Friday night.


Johnathon wishes he could play but he does well at watching and every once in awhile gets a ball to play with.
Gideon's team does a great job and he has good coaches. The first game he made five goals! Much to his dismay he has yet to hit that record again but he is doing very well and learning lots.
I thought for sure that Rachel would just love soccer, but I was wrong. She really does not have a huge desire to learn anything, she is just happy to run around and be silly. Oh well, now I know.

We spent the whole day in the tractor today.
Fixing a belt. Johnathon wanted to help so bad.

Random Farm Picture

I loved this picture of all three boys watching the combine unload into the semi.

Beautiful Fall Hike
Last year we did this hike as just our family and Aunt Mo so this year we thought we could show the rest of the family how beautiful it is. We had such a fun time we are definitely making this a family tradition.
This is a funny looking caterpillar we found along the way. I was a little weary about taking alot of pictures because last year we got some really cute pictures in the leaves and the trees but poor Gideon came away with poison ivy all over his face so we didn't get as adventurous this year.

A very special picture with Aunt Kay. This was her last Sunday as a Leaverton :) We missed you uncle Ben!