Tuesday, July 21, 2009

BJ got this great idea to make small bales out of the grass that is around the pond. So on this beautiful night Johnathon and him started out. Halfway through he called me and asked if I could come get Johnathon. So I headed out on the ranger and picked him up. But John was missing his brand new very green croc that Grandma Leaverton bought for him. (how he ended up with those on I don't know.) So we went on the lookout for a green croc in a whole bunch of very nice freshly cut green hay. I thought for sure that we would never find it again unless by some off chance the guy we sold the hay to would find it in a bale and give it back. Not very likely. Then all of a sudden Johnathon hollered "there it is!" and he actually had found it. I couldn't believe it. We were pretty excited!

BJ and Rachel worked on putting wire to my chicken shed so that when they start laying we can give them 16 hours of light so that they continue to lay through the winter months. Which is good considering they don't start laying until November. :) I think we only have 1 rooster out of 16 chickens so we should get quite a few eggs everyday. Gideon is our little chicken helper and he goes out every morning and opens the little door for them to come out and every night he puts them away. Sometimes he has to go to bed before they are ready to sleep so then Dad or Mom have to put them in.