Friday, September 11, 2009

The BJ Boender Family Farm

Welcome to our new farm. BJ and I signed papers for this 77 acre farm on September first. It is a wonderful farm that needs a little fixing up but that is always good. BJ and Dad worked on tileing the pasture part of it on Wednesday. After the crops are out we will work on tileing in the fields. There are a few buildings that will be coming down because they are pretty tough. The barn will probably be one of the first to go. It looks pretty neat from the outside but the inside is all rotten and really falling apart. The house is in wonderful condition for as old as it is but it only has two small bed rooms and there really is no way that our growing family will fit in it. We have lots and lots of dreams for this place and thank God so very much everyday for the opportunity.
Johnathon has to help with whatever he can get his hands on whenever it comes to machinery.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Window too!

While we have no carpet and are replacing siding we decided a new window would be nice considering it almost lets more air in than keeps out and gets covered in mold as well, and if you push against them they could just about fall out. So my wonderful dad got us a deal on a nice window so Mr. Vonk came over and helped take the old one out and put a new one in. He is also very good at drywall so he is going to finish up the mess in the living room. Hopefully next week sometime we can have new carpet and put the living room back together before harvest gets into full swing!!

It is much brighter inside the living room now.
And you can really see inside the house from the road now. Curtains will be a must :)

Unplanned Construction

So on Saturday Jeremiah Lamb came over and took down the old drywall and siding and insulation and put up all new! Yeah! Note to anyone, make sure your gutter is not draining into the side of your house.

On Tuesday night(after adventureland) I got home and BJ was wonderful and had cleaned out the living room so we could tear up old carpet and put in new. So around 9:15 we started tearing out the old nasty stuff. Underneath we found that it had been wet and had molded all along the east corner of the wall. This picture is of a hole going to the outside. The drywall was all very soggy and nasty!


Grandma Leaverton was so nice and took us all to Adventureland the day before school started. It was a beautiful day!! Johnathon rode all the little kid rides and Rachel and Gideon rode all the rides they could fit on. I was surprised that they could go on almost every ride at the park. There absolute favorite of course was the roller coasters. I was thankful I was pregnant and had a great excuse to not get on any. :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sweet Corn

After the silking is done Mom cuts all the kernels off the corn into a big tub then we cook it on the stove for a little bit, then take the cooked corn and dump it on pans to cool off. After it is cooled we put it in bags then freeze it. In this picture mom is a little under half way done with cutting the corn off. We did around 75 quarts of corn!! It is always a very good feeling when you are done and you load it all in the freezers.
Silking sweet corn. After you husk the sweet corn you get to go over each cob and take all the "strings" off. And you know it is sweet, sweet corn if you get pretty sticky in this process.

Picking sweet corn. We all helped Grandma do sweet corn after our Michigan trip.

This is the cabin we stayed in. It worked out well it was pretty small so I was very thankful it didn't rain everyday otherwise we would have had some serious cabin fever! The kiddos are ready to head to Michigan and stay again soon.