Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedding and Bike Ride

 Rachel and Adalli attending the gift wheel barrow at a cousins wedding along with some other special cousins.
 It was a beautiful outdoor wedding! Adalli and Rachel had a wonderful time dancing with their aunts, uncles and cousins. Natalie enjoyed watching.

 We only got one bike ride on the bike trail in this summer and we were lucky to get that in actually. I always forget how much work it is to get everyone and everything ready to go. Then after a little while the little ones are ready to go and the big kiddos are bummed because they couldn't go very fast or far because we were having to go slow for Adalli. Thank goodness for Grandpa and Aunt Mo's help. My garage sale special bike broke half way thru the ride so I had to push it back. I kept thinking to myself "I am so glad it was not just me and all the kiddos today." My dad is an amazing bike fixer and it is fixed up good now. Thanks so much Dad!

 Gideon rode his ripstik the whole time and did really well at going up and down the hills. John was with us but he was very fast and didn't want a picture so I don't have any proof that he was here today.