Friday, April 10, 2009

Monday projects

We had a good day of laying tile on Monday. We got quite a bit done but it was a really cold and yulcky day! BJ drove the tiler machine, Kurt drove the back hoe, Josh and Dad ran lots of errands for BJ and I got to drive the little Vermeer prototype with a blade on the front to back fill all the ditches BJ made with the tiler. I kindof enjoyed having something to do and I was very thankful my Dad let me drive his little tractor when I was growing up, the experience was definitely a plus!


This is What Our Youngest Does When we are Not Looking
While BJ and I were resting in the other room we here Gideon yell " John has the buzzers" I quickly jumped up and ran for the bathroom. But I was to late! Within a 7 second time period (not kidding) he had given himself his very own reverse mohawk. I had cut his hair the day before and it looked pretty good I thought. He must not have. He wanted to do it without the "corn head" on it. (That is what he calls the attachments). BJ made him keep it for the rest of that day and also most of the next day. But on the second day I had to go somewhere so I told him he had to cut it all off or John was going to be spending the week with him. So now when you say nice haircut John he responds by saying" yeah it is all gone."


Gideon has started his very first sport and he is absolutely loving it! The weather hasn't cooperated with us alot but I know it will get warm sometime in the future.(hopefully before soccer is over) He has six team mates and he is most definitely the shortest by atleast 3 -5 inches. But he sure makes up for it in other areas. He does a great job at sticking to it and being persistent. I am very proud of him. He is really enjoying it too. Everyday he gets up and asks if it is a soccer day or not.