Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day

On Sunday we took the kiddos into the cemetery to see Great Grandma Ferguson's headstone. On this day we let them get out and look at it, Gideon read the name and the dates on it.
The kiddos and I never got to meet Grandma Frances Ferguson but I know that I am looking forward to meeting her in heaven! From the stories I have heard about her she sounds like an amazing woman. BJ has said many times to me when it is freezing cold and muddy outside and he is ready to go tileing that Grandma helped Grandpa every time he needed help. She must have been quite a woman! He also talks about how she helped him with his schoolwork and had wonderful coffee time when he would go visit. I am so glad that BJ had the blessing to grow up just a little ways down the road from his Grandpa and Grandma. I know he learned alot about life, and the Love of Christ thru them. I am so blessed to say that my children also live a little ways down the road from their Grandmas and Grandpas, and I thank God that they can learn about life and most importantly about the Love of Christ thru them. I know that not only are they covered in prayer by the grandparents that are still alive today, I am also thankful for the prayers of the grandparents that are waiting in Heaven for us!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Taylor Family Campout

Minute to Win it Games!
What fun! Rachel and John each had to stack 4 sugar cubes on a stick in their mouth and hold them there for atleast 3 seconds. Rachel got it done after only 3 tries.
BJ and Bryan worked together and stacked nuts on top of each other. They got it done just in time! Gideon had to get 5 tube noodles on one spaghetti noodle. He came really close but they all kept rolling or blowing off the table. Now we know why they play the real game inside!
I Don't quite know how this got in the middle of Minute to win it games but oh well. A nice thing about the weekend is the wonderful fellowship we have with all the families. It is such a blessing!
I do not have any pictures of the ladies sitting around visiting because most of our visiting was done in the kitchen cooking and doing the dishes. I will agree that it is always nicer to do your chores when you are surrounded by wonderful friends!!

Johnathon got all of his cubes on, on the first try and held them there for 20 seconds! More Tug of war.
Adalli loved to play in the dirt with her little shovel. Here Justena is breaking ground so it is softer for Adalli to dig it up and paint all over herself.
Feeding 4o kids and a bunch of adults always takes quite an undertaking but we manage to get everyone full and satisfied. I was going to take a picture of the mountains of dishes left over but I didn't get around to it, we were all to busy washing them!
A few games of Settlers are a must for the adults!
Fun memories and special times are the best about this weekend!
This year we did course races and that was lots of fun to do and to run!

Tug of war is always a highlight of the weekend!