Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ice Cream Scoop launcher

The other day Johnathon was bored so he was digging through my utensil/ kitchen gadget drawer. He picked out the ice cream scoop and was scooping pretzels from one bowl to another when all the sudden he let go of the little handle and sent a pretzel flying across the room and over the couch. Needless to say he thought that was the greatest thing ever! For the next hour he shot pretzels all over the house laughing every time. Leave it to a little boy to turn anything into a launcher.

He shot this one from the hallway to the middle of the living room.

Colorado Trip

This is the beautiful mountain range that I got to see every day while living in Colorado. They truly are God's handiwork!
This is a great picture of our two travelers. Johnathon and Adalli did so amazing on the drive. They were happy the whole time! The best travelers for sure.
We stopped to stretch our legs in Sydney, NE at Cabela's. Johnathon loved looking at all the animals.