Monday, August 8, 2011

Baling Hay

I love how you can make a picture look old by just playing with the color effect. The old tractor and bale picker upper fit this "old" picture perfectly.

Brad and BJ had someone that wanted to buy little square bales. So they hooked up the baler and asked Gideon if he could drive the tractor while they picked up and stacked the bales onto the hay wagon. Here is the pick up crew, BJ and Brad took turns driving the tractor and stacking and Rachel and Johnathon helped roll the bales to the spot on the wagon it needed to be.

There was around 150 bales in this field. Gideon did a great job and only got it plugged once, which was a great learning experience because he got to help unplug it. Now that is a scratchy hot job! This was a very hot day, it was good for our kiddos to experience a little taste of what Dad used to do every summer. It was a reminder to BJ of how it used to take three full days of throwing bales to toughen up your hands so that the hay and wire ties didn't hurt as bad, and it made us all thankful for round bales, skid loaders and air conditioned cabs.