Friday, May 27, 2011

Zoo Field Trip

Thanks to Grammie Melanie for taking the little kiddos I was able to join Rachel on her field trip to the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines. We had a lot of fun and it was such a beautiful day!

This is Rachel's Kindergarten class. 12 boys and 9 girls.

Rachel's favorite was the Red Panda. He kinda looked like a mix between a fox and a raccoon not much like a panda or a bear. But he sure was cute.
I love the giraffes and their very long tongue!
We went with the first grade class also so these are a couple of Rachel's friends hatching out of a big egg.

Loading the bus for the drive home. What a fun day at the zoo!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Geo Thermal

Here is the "finished" project. Not counting the flattening out of the dirt, smoothing and reseeding so we can have a nice yard out back. Much to the dismay of the kiddos as they really like to play in the dirt/mud! It truly amazes me how you can never fit back all of what you took out of the hole :)
Just for your information you can also run geo thermal in the bottom of a pond. I think it is a toss up on what is the easier way. Supposedly this takes less dirt work :) A pond is on my wish list but I wasn't thinking my back yard. I would prefer it in the front yard. I was informed yesterday when I quietly brought it up that "mom had to wait until she was 50 for that," I suppose that means it will go on my 50th birthday wish list. :) That is just fine! I am so grateful for all that has been given already!!

Don't forget to have at least one coffee time break in between especially if that is all you will get paid with. Thanks again for all the help everyone, it is greatly appreciated!

Lay it down in the hole, pray it doesn't cave in before you crawl out, cover with a small amount of dirt then run another roll over the top. You do this four times in four separate trenches. Praise the Lord no one got caved in on and it was finished in a day thanks to good help! Now we are waiting on the plumber to hook it up. Thank goodness it has been a pretty cool spring otherwise we would be cooked in our non air conditioned house. Oh the luxuries that get taking for granted!
This is the tubing that they use to run the water thru. It goes in the bottom of the very deep hole. On a wet Saturday BJ, Steve and some of his brothers spent most of the day zip tie-ing the pipes into the slinky that they are in these pics.

Here are a few pics of how huge a process putting Geo Thermal lines in the ground can be.
First dig a long, very deep hole. I would put the dimensions but I don't quite remember them, so next time you see one of the guys feel free to ask. All I know is that it was deep enough that the walls kept falling in.

Computer Problems

I think Stacy passed her computer problems to me. Just kidding. Anyway for some reason it will not let me post any pictures on our blog so I am going to be even more behind. Oh bummer!!
I will be trying at a different time of day here soon I hope so maybe that will make a difference.

Stay tuned :)