Friday, May 18, 2012

Little Girls

 These are just a few pictures I took over the last month. Adalli is big enough to go to her locker and pick out her own shoes and coat. On this particular day we were going to get groceries but she wanted to go with dad instead; so she put on her big brothers hand me down John Deere boots. (work boots) I thought it was to cute so we grocery shopped in her boots. :)
 I love her intent concentrating look as she works hard at her little pattern.

Natalie Mae, wow has time flown by or what? I find myself saying that so much! You are six months old in this picture. You giggle, smile, give kisses, sit up all by yourself, LOVE your baby food, continue to grow more hair, suck on your toes, thumb and finger, and love to watch the busyness of your brothers and sisters. You are not much into sitting outside by yourself while mom tries to work in the garden and yard but you love to be outside when you are held or pushed in your stroller. I think when you start crawling you will be a little more content. You slept thru the night for four nights last week but now you are up once to quick eat and go back to sleep. You are getting way to big for your little crib so it is about time we move you to your big girl crib in the girls room. As I type this I realize that today is your 7 month birthday. Hopefully we can get 7 month pictures up here before you are 8 months.

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 A few Saturdays ago Rachel and Adalli wanted to make some pancakes. We pulled out Pioneer Woman's cookbook and put together her sour cream pancakes. Oh Yum!  Rachel did all of it by herself. Adalli ate lots of chocolate chips and supervised the whole process.

 I wanted a picture of the big stack of finished yummy pancakes but they kept disappearing as soon as Rachel pulled them off the griddle.
Natalie was also a great supervisor.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Aunt Moriah's House

 We had a work weekend at Aunt Mo's house a month and a half ago. 
We helped with a couple jobs inside and outside the house. Grandpa killed all the creeping charlie in her yard and then realized, that was her yard!  We planted new grass to replace it. The kids worked hard and we enjoyed a weekend away swimming and hanging out with cousin Zander, Aunt Mo, Aunt Kay and Uncle Ben.
 Here are My mom and dad's grandkids minus Natalie (she was taking a much needed nap). Kelita is also due with their 2nd in October. Yay! 
In front of Aunt Mo's cute little house!