Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My wonderful husband had to go out at 10:00 at night on Friday the 13th to go push 3 inches of snow. He got home at 3:00 Valentines morning. I got up when the kids woke up, went into the kitchen and was surprised by the beautiful bouquet of yellow roses and the very nice card to go with it. I really wasn't expecting anything because he had told me a few times that the new kitchen was my Valentines, mother's day, birthday and Christmas present all in one.;)
Later that day I also got a bright daisy bouquet from my Dad and my sister gave me the white daisies. I felt very very spoiled! Thank goodness I had a whole new counter to put all my beautiful flowers on!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Valentines too.

What We Do On a Beautiful Day!

After the power washer bath we parked her in front of the heater and she dried off just a little bit. It is a very good thing I had her put farm clothes and mud boots on before we left the house.(Just in case.)
The Mud Hole
Dad got out the power washer and carefully hosed her down. Thank goodness it was 55 degrees outside and we live only a mile down the road from Grandpa and Grandma's farm!

Rachel, she is more a boy than my boys sometimes:) She came flying around the corner and drove right into the mud. This mud is deep, almost 8 inches. She hit the mud and flew over the handlebars; but she didn't let go. Oops. Oh well she didn't get hurt and we all got a laugh.

Finished Kitchen!

The Bar!
This is my favorite part! We are working on finding bar stools at the moment and now the drywall is patched and I just need to paint it. Those minor details that take a little while to get done.
Okay, this is also my favorite part! The back splash. It really pulls everything together nicely.
It isn't completely finished I guess. They added a shelf above the stove so I have a little bit more counter space. Someday we would like a microwave that goes over the stove but for the time being I just use it for odds and ends.

Johnathon is Three Years Old!!
This is my favorite picture I took for his pics. He wasn't extremely cooperative so I didn't get a huge variety.

Birthday parties are always so much fun. Thanks to everyone who could come and for the wonderful gifts as well. It was so nice to have a open and almost done kitchen to have a party in!

Johnathon wanted a race car cake so I did my best. I don't know it was really leaning by the end of the day. He thought it was cool though! The 21 B is his Dad's race car number and Dad's car will be green and orange too.