Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Downstairs Part

This is our living room of the old house facing south. The color looks green but it is very much a coffee ice cream brown.

This is the only back bedroom of the old house on the south end. I am hoping to use it as a scrapbook/office room.
Our beautiful wood stove on a chunk of granite that BJ and I picked out. Our favorite thing to do as a family is to huddle up around it and visit about our day! Can't wait to be in the house so we can do it every night. Anyone is welcome to come and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee and snuggle by it whenever you please!
This is the beautiful kitchen. The counters and sink should be here in the next two weeks. Hooray.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Much Needed Updates (very long post ahead!)

I will go thru and try to explain each room so that you kind of get an idea of what we are doing. Keep in mind that the camera does not do the colors justice so you will just need to stop by or come for a weekend and use the guest bedroom and see the beautiful home that we have been truly blessed with!
This is BJ and my bedroom there will be a trim board that runs between the two colors when all is done.

Here is the boy's bedroom. They picked the color out themselves :) My mom says wear your sunglasses. We were blessed with so much help painting! Karl and Kristin did a wonderful job in the boy's room.

Rachel picked pink for her room and I think it looks beautiful! I have lots of great ideas for this room and so does she.
This is our attic that will be the play room and family room all in one. The ceiling will be car siding. I am looking forward to this room so much and so are the kiddos.

This color is also in the upstairs bathroom as well. I will get pics as soon as we get the vanity installed.
Here is the guest bedroom. Please feel free to stay anytime it works for you!

This is the upstairs hall way, landing and laundry room.

BJ sprayed all the primer and all the ceiling paint while someone rolled behind him to smooth things out. He was such a trooper! It is amazing how much paint falls on you. Thank you Kristin and Karl for sharing the sprayer that cut so much time!
This is the kitchen/living room/ and office-homework nook.

And last but not least the mudroom!